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post Mitchell in Salt Lake City, Utah - 25 Nov 2011
It's the best office supply value, per dollar, that I can remember.
post Judy in Ft Meyers, Florida - 25 Nov 2011
We just received our letter openers and you have made my day. The letter opener works like a dream. I have added a stick-on magnet to the back so I can stick it to the side of my cabinet drawer which is metal.

post Kathleen in Austin, Texas - 1 Nov 2011
Best letter opener ever, immediate delivery, great price. Thank you so much!
post Thomas in San Marcos, California - 27 Oct 2011
I bought these for my 86 yr old father. He has arthritis in his hands and these openers work great for him. Perfect size and style. We ESPECIALLY liked the fact they were MADE in the USA.
post Jia in Seattle, Washington - 24 Aug 2011
Fast shipping!! Oh boy, I LOVE these letter openers!!!!!
post Ladina in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - 2 Aug 2011
Yay!!! I'm so glad I finally found this letter opener!! I've had one for over 8 years, and couldn't find a replacement that came close to yours!
post Marsha in Austin, Texas - 6 May 2011
Your letter openers are the absolute best we have ever used.
post Frederick in Clarksville, Tennessee - 21 Apr 2011
These openers are better than expected.
post Jennifer in Scottsdale, Arizona - 29 Mar 2011
I just want to thank you for making such a fine product. I have had my blue letter opener for almost 5 years and it's still sharp. I just ordered 5 more to have on hand and to give away to my friends. This is bar none the BEST letter opener in existence and I love that fact that it's made in the USA!
post Jan in Hickory, N Carolina - 29 Mar 2011
Without question, one of the finest little office devices ever made. Have seen many copies, but nothing like the original Presto. Superb quality. I certainly hope you continue producing them for many years to come !!