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post Sharon in San Marcos, California - 8 Apr 2014
This IS the world's best letter opener. Very smooth; ergonomically designed. It's a pleasure to use.
post Zo in Columbus, Ohio - 3 Jan 2014
We have a contract with a national office supply company where I work, but we could never find a letter opener that we liked. I gave these a try a year or so ago, and everyone LOVES them! I have ordered them twice, now, and will continue to do so. They're great!
post River in New York - 11 Oct 2013
Received the Presto openers today and my wife and I were "fighting" over who was going to open today's mail because we were so impressed with it. ZIP--it's open!
post Katie in Grand Rapids, Michigan - 13 Sep 2013
YAY! So excited :) We love these!
post Sally in Atlanta, Georgia - 10 Sep 2013
I love these things! I'm not a company, but I have two houses, and I like to have them in every room. And whenever anyone sees me using one, they want it and I give it to them. That's why I order so many.
post Chris in California - 27 Aug 2013
I've used many letter openers and this is like a knife through butter, plus it's made in the USA and shipped extremely fast, I'm talking it got to me the day before I ordered it..

I bought the minimum, 5, and I've already made use of all of them:

- I've given 2 to other fellow letter openers (they are very happy too)

- I keep one at home

- I keep one at the office

- I keep one in the car
post Tammy in Charleston, SC - 17 Jul 2013
I purchased 10 of your openers a few weeks ago. I gave one to my dad. He loves it! He asked me to order 10 for him to give to his friends!

post Steve in Grey Eagle, Minnesota - 17 Jul 2013
Thanks for selling something that's made in the USA at a reasonable price.

post Jan in Ft. Wayne, Indiana - 9 May 2013
I am so excited that I found a place to order from. They are the best openers ever made. I used to be able to get them thru my supply store but they have been sending a different kind.

Have good day.
post Hans in Minnesota - 16 Dec 2012
I open anywhere from 5-75 envelopes a day & I've tried roughly a dozen kind of envelope openers over the last 15 years but Presto is by far the best. I'm not sure why the large office suppliers don't carry them anymore but I'm glad to have found them here. They have the sharpest blades & the gradual angle of the blade makes for easier opening.