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post Jan in Hickory, NC - 14 Oct 2008
Without question, one of the finest little office devices ever made. Have seen many copies, but nothing like the original Presto. Superb quality. I certainly hope you continue producing them for many years to come !!
post Alizah in Australia - 18 Sep 2008
My Mum in Australia has one of your letter openers and while I'm in Los Angeles she has asked me to send her some home.

post Jennifer in Scottsdale, AZ - 18 Sep 2008
I just want to thank you for making such a fine product. I have had my blue letter opener for almost 5 years and it's still sharp. I just ordered 5 more to have on hand and to give away to my friends. This is bar none the BEST letter opener in existence and I love that fact that it's made in the USA!

post Jane in Fort Collins, CO - 11 Sep 2008
Presto is the only letter opener I have found that works efficiently through the piles of mail I open daily. Thanks for a good product.
post Jean in Troutdale, OR - 10 Sep 2008
I love your letter openers. They are the best designed on the market and last under heavy use and abuse....I'm buying because the boss won't...Thank You....

post Jerry in Phoenix, AZ - 10 Sep 2008
I finally found you. I have been using the same Presto Letter Opener for over 6 years - time for new ones.

post Jan in Southbury, CT - 10 Sep 2008
THIS IS THE BEST LETTER OPENER EVER! I open hundreds of envelopes a week!

post Margaret in Santa Barbara, CA - 10 Sep 2008
I'm now retired, but Presto is what we used when I worked in an office. Love them!

post Chris in Westerville, OH - 10 Sep 2008
LOVE YOUR OPENERS!!! They're the only ones we'll use.
post Lori in Encinitas, CA - 10 Sep 2008
This is an awesome product! Can't wait to share these with my clients!