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post Bill in Tucson, AZ - 10 Sep 2008
Happy to find your product. I have had them for some time, and want to use them for stocking stuffers. Aren't you glad?

post Frank in Kildeer, IL - 10 Sep 2008
Best letter opener I've found. First found it @ Office Max.

Wondering why they don't carry it anymore, nor does Office Depot.
post Sam in Baltimore, MD - 10 Sep 2008
Glad to find you. Office Depot no longer carries your opener.
post Arnold in New Paltz, NY - 10 Sep 2008
Love your opener, the only one that seems to work smoothly.

post Jonathan in Vancouver, WA - 10 Sep 2008
Thank you! Presto makes a great opener, and it will be nice to have 24 of them!

post Clara in Santee, CA - 10 Sep 2008
Love these little gadgets!
post Stanley in WIlmington, NC - 10 Sep 2008
I've tried them all - PRESTO is the BEST!
post Sue in Seattle, WA - 10 Sep 2008
We love your letter openers!
post Teresa in Houston, TX - 10 Sep 2008
We love them !!
post Piete in Mission Viejo, CA - 10 Sep 2008
Nothing like your letter openers out there!