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post Jennifer in Scottsdale, AZ - 18 Sep 2008
I just want to thank you for making such a fine product. I have had my blue letter opener for almost 5 years and it's still sharp. I just ordered 5 more to have on hand and to give away to my friends. This is bar none the BEST letter opener in existence and I love that fact that it's made in the USA!

post Jane in Fort Collins, CO - 11 Sep 2008
Presto is the only letter opener I have found that works efficiently through the piles of mail I open daily. Thanks for a good product.
post Jean in Troutdale, OR - 10 Sep 2008
I love your letter openers. They are the best designed on the market and last under heavy use and abuse....I'm buying because the boss won't...Thank You....

post Jerry in Phoenix, AZ - 10 Sep 2008
I finally found you. I have been using the same Presto Letter Opener for over 6 years - time for new ones.

post Jan in Southbury, CT - 10 Sep 2008
THIS IS THE BEST LETTER OPENER EVER! I open hundreds of envelopes a week!

post Margaret in Santa Barbara, CA - 10 Sep 2008
I'm now retired, but Presto is what we used when I worked in an office. Love them!

post Chris in Westerville, OH - 10 Sep 2008
LOVE YOUR OPENERS!!! They're the only ones we'll use.
post Lori in Encinitas, CA - 10 Sep 2008
This is an awesome product! Can't wait to share these with my clients!

post James in Hammond, IN - 10 Sep 2008
Wonderful product. Used to be able to purchase at OfficeMax, but no longer available. Tragic! Nice to have found it on line!

post Alan in Leawood, KS - 10 Sep 2008
I've enjoyed your letter opener for many years and have been sending them to all my friends and relatives in birthday cards.