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post John in Austin, Texas - 4 Dec 2009
I'm so glad these letter openers are still around. I used to find them at office supply stores, but can't anymore. The "imitations" that I do see for sale do not work nearly as well. Best wishes and much success.
post Diane in Wonder Lake, Illinois - 24 Nov 2009
I lost my Presto and tried others that can't compare to yours. I'm so glad that we were able to find you. Great product!

post Linda in Hunt Valley, Maryland - 16 Nov 2009
Our mail room has used your opener for the last 8 years. The website I used to order them from, has informed me that they were discontinued. I am so happy it is not true and that I found you. We have tried other brands, yuchh, totally inferior! Apparently, not all plastic slicers are created equal. Your company makes the best!

post Gilbert in California - 11 Nov 2009
I have some lovely, expensive letter knives, but nothing works better than the Presto Letter Opener. I bought a bunch so we could have one every possible place we may need to open an envelope.

post Bob in Tucson, Arizona - 10 Nov 2009
These are hard to find but are by far the best, simplest and most durable letter openers that I have ever encountered. $20 worth will last the entire family a lifetime.

post Catherine in Staunton, Virginia - 19 Oct 2009
We love these things!! We just placed an order for 25 of your truly awesome letter openers. We've been buying them for years through Staples, but they no longer carry them.

post Bob in Pompano Beach, Florida - 16 Oct 2009
This will be our second order with your company directly. Very pleased with this product. Have bought it for years. The best.
post Calvin in McAllen, Texas - 3 Oct 2009
The price was right, the delivery was speedy and the product is terrific. I cannot find this brand of letter opener anywhere locally and was very happy to find them on-line.
post Alex in NY - 2 Oct 2009
Please send me 25 of the BEST letter openers ever!
post Lisa in Gig Harbor, Washington - 23 Sep 2009
I'm an office supply dealer. My customer opens a lot of mail everyday and the raised lettering helps keep the opener secure in her hand and she said it's just the right size. I provided her with many substitutes to try out and she kicked them out and said go find the PRESTO! Thanks again!