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post Cindy in Malibu, California - 5 Dec 2010
Thank you for your prompt service. Quality at a reasonable price is rare these days. We love your product!
post Michelle in Conroe, Texas - 30 Nov 2010
I'm glad I found you online; there are no other openers that work as well as yours.

post Angie in Des Moines, Iowa - 21 Nov 2010
I found you YAY!! Your letter openers are the best ever! I have tried other brands and they all stink! So thank you!
post Steven in Eugene, Oregon - 9 Sep 2010
I Absolutely Love your letter openers! They stay sharp forever!
post James in Vernon, Arizona - 2 Sep 2010
Can't beat these letter openers. They are the best.
post Lauren in Getzville, NY - 31 Aug 2010
I open the mail at work, and this product makes it a breeze!
post Tom in Park Forest, Illinois - 19 Jun 2010
Outstanding! This is just what I was looking for and you can't find this kind in the stores around here. Your letter openers work a hundred times better than the more common, more expensive envelope cutters sold in stores. Fast shipping, professional service.
post Mike in Guilford, Connecticut - 21 May 2010
I am lost without my Presto openers... they never wear out... they just get "borrowed."

Thanks again!

post Martha in Seattle, Washington - 20 May 2010
So glad I am able to order directly from you - our office supplier no longer carries your product, and Presto letter openers are the absolute best - sharp, long lasting and easy to handle!
post David in England - 18 May 2010
Greetings from the UK!

I brought a number of your Presto gadgets back from a 7 year stay in your country. Now, after 15 years daily use, (not surprisingly), I MUST replace them!