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post Judy in Grandville, Michigan - 15 Feb 2011
I'm so-o-o glad to finally find the source of these wonderful openers.
post Delby in Houston, Texas - 13 Jan 2011
Please don't ever go out of business! We couldn't do without your Prestos!
post Dixie in Citrus Heights, Calif. - 30 Dec 2010
I just love them.
post Holly in Kirkland, Washington - 30 Dec 2010
Our accounting staff loves these openers!
post Mary-Lou in Waterford, Connecticut - 16 Dec 2010
good quality product
post Cibia in El Centro, California - 14 Dec 2010
Thank you so much. I have one from 5 years ago and covet it, but I need more. Nothing like your Presto!
post Paulette in West Palm Beach, Florida - 13 Dec 2010
So glad to see you still sell theses openers. As far as I'm concerned, they are the only hand opener. The others are absolutely useless - garbage.

These give a quick, nice clean cut.
post Cindy in Malibu, California - 5 Dec 2010
Thank you for your prompt service. Quality at a reasonable price is rare these days. We love your product!
post Michelle in Conroe, Texas - 30 Nov 2010
I'm glad I found you online; there are no other openers that work as well as yours.

post Angie in Des Moines, Iowa - 21 Nov 2010
I found you YAY!! Your letter openers are the best ever! I have tried other brands and they all stink! So thank you!